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1 GBP = 1.221 EUR
12.53 ZAR - South African Rand
2 SGD - Singapore Dollar
1.469 CHF - Swiss Franc
1.542 AUD - Australian Dollar
1.599 USD - U.S. Dollar
12.406 HKD - Hong Kong Dollar
1.581 CAD - Canadian Dollar
1.455 CHF - Swiss Franc
1.515 AUD - Australian Dollar

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Freedom Day gives us reason to reflect on just how far South Africa's economy has come in two decades

20 years ago this weekend the first multi-racial elections took place in South Africa. The apartheid policies of the National Party were tossed aside, as Mandela's African National Congress swept to power, taking close to 63% of the overall vote. In the 20 years since ? the quality of life, and the economy of South Africa has only gone in one direction ? upwards. With the eventual repealing of apartheid, the South African economy was thrust back on to the world stage after years of...


USD/CAD ? Flat As Canadian Retail Sales Slip

The Canadian dollar continues to have an uneventful week as USD/CAD trades in the mid-1.10 range in Wednesday’s North American session. Canadian retail sales numbers dropped in March, but did matched expectations. South of the border, US New Home Sales was dismal, sliding to an eight-month low. Canadian Core Retail Sales, one of the most important economic indicators, posted a 0.6% gain, down from 1.0% a month earlier. However, this did match the estimate. It was a similar story with...


Faisal Khan's Blog: TransferWise Announces it's moved £1 Billion in cross-border money transfers

See on ? The Frugal Entrepreneurship Faisal Khan?s insight: Always admired this company. They seems to understand the model of net-off, better than anyone else, barring say CurrencyFair. Keep a watchout on these guys. They are definitely going places. See on


Faisal Khan's Blog: Facebook faces multiple barriers to success in mobile payments

See on ? Money & Payments Low user adoption and privacy concerns could derail the company's plans. Faisal Khan?s insight: Seems everyone has a pitch fork in their hands and are going ti nudge Facebook the moment they go live in payments! Personally I think their payments solution will be very successful. See on


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