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With Xoom, your options to send remittance payments are almost limitless.  You can choose between the traditional bank transfer (the quickest, easiest, and cheapest method), pick up in up to 244 locations within minutes of order placement, or home delivery (often taking up to several days and with highest fees, but very convenient). 

With fees that begin at $2.99 and credit and debit card payments allowed, Xoom is a convenient method that falls much cheaper than bank rates or other transfer companies.  Send from $25 to $2,999 today for any of your needs to over 31 locations worldwide and using any of the world’s major currencies.  Whether you need to send to Argentina or the United Kingdom, make USD payments nearly anywhere you could possible want.


  • ·         Send money instantly through one of several methods, either in USD or the currency of your choice
  • ·         Register for an account today and you can take advantage of a 24-hour support system
  • ·         Safe and secure server
  • ·         Low rates to a multitude of locations
  • ·         Fees as low as $2.99

Your privacy and security are of utmost importance to Xoom.  Xoom only works with certified partners, so when you go to pick up your money, you know it has been kept safe.  If you go through the online system, this security is even more secure as the Xoom server is encrypted- find more information about the security system here:




1 GBP = 1.221 EUR
1.599 USD - U.S. Dollar
12.53 ZAR - South African Rand
12.406 HKD - Hong Kong Dollar
1.542 AUD - Australian Dollar
1.469 CHF - Swiss Franc
2 SGD - Singapore Dollar
1.581 CAD - Canadian Dollar
12.521 ZAR - South African Rand
12.048 HKD - Hong Kong Dollar

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