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Sterling Outlook - What's Influencing Forex Movements in the UK?

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National Statistics Office Reports 10% Drop in Overseas Holidaymakers Spending

The UK National Statistics Office has reported that overseas spending by British holiday makers has dropped by 10%. However, at the same time, spending in the UK by foreign tourists has increased by 4%.Read More >

Foreign Exchange Services for UK Businesses Overseas

The UK was once regarded as the “workshop of the world”, and exports still account for a substantial portion of UK manufacturing and commercial activities today.Read More >

Dealing with Foreign Exchange Risk

Transacting business overseas is a valuable commercial hedge against adverse market conditions at home as well as a mean of providing highly profitable opportunities to generate business growth.Read More >

UK Travel Money and Currency Exchange Options

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GBP/USD ? British Pound Remains Under Pressure

From Market Pulse FX, yesterday Similar articles

The British pound continues to lose ground, although the downward trend has leveled off. GBP/USD is currently trading at the 1.6050 level, and the pound has slid over one cent since Friday. After a very quiet day on Monday, but the markets will have plenty of numbers to work with, following a host of US releases earlier on Tuesday, including retail sales and manufacturing data. The UK was also busy, with housing and inflation releases. The markets displayed little reaction to remarks by...


USD/CAD ? Canadian Dollar Higher on Broad Greenback Weakness

From Market Pulse FX, 5 days ago Similar articles

USD/CAD finally broke out of recent rangebound trading, as the Canadian dollar posted gains against its US counterpart. The Canadian currency took advantage of some broad US dollar weakness, as the greenback lost ground against the euro and the British pound on Thursday. In the US, Unemployment Claims continues to look weak, as the key employment indicator failed to meet the estimate for the second straight reading The pair has not showed much movement over the course of the week, but this...


USD/JPY & GBP/JPY Reach Record High Since 2010

From Top Forex News, 5 days ago Similar articles

The Japanese yen fell to the lowest level since June 2010 against the US dollar and to the lowest since May 2010 versus the Great Britain pound amid the positive market sentiment and on prospects of further stimulus from Japan’s central bank.(...)Read the rest of USD/JPY & GBP/JPY Reach Record High Since 2010 (120 words) Posted on Forex News.


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1 GBP = 1.221 EUR
1.599 USD - U.S. Dollar
12.406 HKD - Hong Kong Dollar
1.581 CAD - Canadian Dollar
12.53 ZAR - South African Rand
2 SGD - Singapore Dollar
1.469 CHF - Swiss Franc
1.542 AUD - Australian Dollar
12.048 HKD - Hong Kong Dollar
1.577 CAD - Canadian Dollar

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