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Saving on Foreign Currency Exchange

Expats and world travellers are few of the people who frequently deal with foreign currency exchange expenses.

This matter requires pretty high amount of expenses when not dealt well. However, there are other options that will help make expats and tourists save more when foreign currency exchange is involved.

One less expensive option is using the most suitable card for your lifestyle and needs. Expatriates and travellers often will choose between a credit card and prepaid card. However make sure you get a card from trustworthy yet affordable financial institutions.

The second cheaper option is through the issuing of travellers’ cheques that basically gives peace of mind. All you need to do is take note of the cheque numbers. It is best to bring cheques in larger amounts when going abroad to have lesser expenses when you need to change it to cash.

The third more convenient choice is bringing special travel credit cards that usually have points and loyalty rewards for you to enjoy. Be sure to watch the immediate interest fees, though and choose the credit cards that charge lower ATM fees. Another great thing about this option is it can be replaceable when lost, something one can’t do with lost cash.

There are sure many ways of cutting down on your expenses while travelling or staying abroad, including being more aware of better currency exchange rates. Other than considering the options above, you must also be wary with buying frivolous items. You should refrain from buying unnecessary things when abroad and could lead a simpler lifestyle too. It is indeed tempting to spend a lot for one’s luxury but the consequences that come with that might just lead to regret. You should use your money wisely and save now for a brighter future.

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1 GBP = 1.221 EUR
1.599 USD - U.S. Dollar
12.406 HKD - Hong Kong Dollar
1.581 CAD - Canadian Dollar
12.53 ZAR - South African Rand
2 SGD - Singapore Dollar
1.469 CHF - Swiss Franc
1.542 AUD - Australian Dollar
1.577 CAD - Canadian Dollar
12.521 ZAR - South African Rand

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