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1 CHF = 1.25372607814 CAD

1 CHF =
  • 1.215 AUD - Australian Dollar
  • 1.254 CAD - Canadian Dollar
  • 21.609 CZK - Czech Koruna
  • 6.569 DKK - Danish Krone
  • 14.863 EEK - Estonian Kroon
  • 0.769 GBP - British Pound
  • 9.885 HKD - Hong Kong Dollar
  • 240.575 HUF - Hungarian Forint
  • 58.032 INR - Indian Rupee
  • 97.273 JPY - Japanese Yen
  • 3.045 LTL - Lithuanian Lita
  • 0.625 LVL - Latvian Lat
  • 15.629 MXN - Mexican Peso
  • 6.903 NOK - Norwegian Krone
  • 1.536 NZD - New Zealand Dollar
  • 53.786 PHP - Philippine Peso
  • 3.682 PLN - Polish Zloty
  • 3.759 RON - Romanian leu
  • 8.055 SEK - Swedish Krona
  • 1.531 SGD - Singapore Dollar
  • 37.846 THB - Thai Baht
  • 2.265 TRY - Turkey Lira
  • 1.267 USD - U.S. Dollar
  • 9.159 ZAR - South African Rand

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Articles & Guides Money, Currency

Articles & Guides Money, Currency

Sterling Outlook - What's Influencing Forex Movements in the UK?

The honeymoon period with the new Conservative government is over.

Sterling enjoyed a brief rally this summer, with a 2% rise against a basket of currencies of the UK’s major trading partners and rose around 9 cents to hover just below the USD $1.60 mark.Sterling has managed to perform relatively well because of the inherent weaknesses of other economies; the Euro was held back (the Greek economic crisis) and the US dollar has been suffering against every other major economy in the world as it struggles to shake itself out of the effects of recession.Now...


National Statistics Office Reports 10% Drop in Overseas Holidaymakers Spending

The UK National Statistics Office has reported that overseas spending by British holiday makers has dropped by 10%. However, at the same time, spending in the UK by foreign tourists has increased by 4%.


Foreign Exchange Services for UK Businesses Overseas

The UK was once regarded as the “workshop of the world”, and exports still account for a substantial portion of UK manufacturing and commercial activities today.


Dealing with Foreign Exchange Risk

Transacting business overseas is a valuable commercial hedge against adverse market conditions at home as well as a mean of providing highly profitable opportunities to generate business growth.


UK Travel Money and Currency Exchange Options

Shop Around for Best Value Currency Exchange When Leaving the UK


Disclaimer: Currency Converter uses rates from various sources including central banks reference rates. The currency exchange rates shown are indicative rates.
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1 GBP = 1.146 EUR
1.58 AUD - Australian Dollar
1.629 CAD - Canadian Dollar
1.3 CHF - Swiss Franc
12.846 HKD - Hong Kong Dollar
1.989 SGD - Singapore Dollar
1.647 USD - U.S. Dollar
11.903 ZAR - South African Rand

Daily Forex Report-USD lower, consumer confidence and housing improve

USD: Lower, durable goods fall more than expected, consumer sentiment rises, new home sales rise JPY: Higher, Finance Minister Fujii says he is opposed to intervention in foreign exchange markets EUR: Higher, German consumer confidence rises to a 16 month high, threat of SNB intervention GBP: Higher, Darling says the UK is not seeking a weaker GBP CAD and AUD: AUD & CAD higher, tracking equity markets and risk sentiment OverviewVery interesting and whippy price action in the foreign...


Daily Forex Report-GBP rises, BOE voted 9-0 to hold level of bond purchases

USD: Mixed, IMF says the recession is not yet over, Fed awaited JPY: Lower, pressured by selling in cross trade to be GBP and EUR, threat of rising US bond yields EUR: Lower, Weber says ECB will maintain special policy measures for sometime GBP: Higher, BOE voted unanimously to hold the current level of bond purchases, no remuneration rate cut CAD and AUD: AUD & CAD lower, BOC officials express concern about CAD strength Overview


Where to change old ringgit'

Do you know where to change old ringgit' A friend of mine argue with me, "I heard Bank Negara Malaysia will Interrogate you for hours if you want to exchange your old RM500 or RM1000 banknotes". I don't believe what he said and try to exchange my old notes to experience it myself. BNM statement on 12 September 1998, announced the demonetisation of the RM500 and RM1,000 notes, and they ceased to be legal tender from July 1, 1999. The statement said the volume of both the RM500 and RM1,000...


Where to exchange Myanmar Kyat'

"Do you know where to exchange Myanmar Kyat in Malaysia' I had been asking almost all Money Changers in Kuala Lumpur, Subang Jaya and Shah Alam but I cannot find any that will exchange my Myanmar Kyat Banknote. I have 5000 Kyat notes that my friends give to me as a gift. I also asked some of my Myanmar friends but they don't know where to exchange Kyat in Malaysia." Why people suddenly asking for Myanmar Kyat'Many people had been cheated on buying Myanmar Kyat. They were been told that Kyat...


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