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1 GBP = 0.859 EUR
1.512 AUD - Australian Dollar
1.543 CAD - Canadian Dollar
1.458 CHF - Swiss Franc
11.914 HKD - Hong Kong Dollar
2.002 SGD - Singapore Dollar
1.543 USD - U.S. Dollar
10.262 ZAR - South African Rand

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Fitch Cuts Hungary's Rating, Greece May Follow; Euro Down



World First Morning Update 8th December: Ireland's tough budget for 2011 is pushed on Parliament

Germany's factory orders came out worse than expected at 14.2%, which cause a slip in euro. More importantly the single currency was affected by the news from the IMF's Strauss-Kahn who said that it will be difficult in 2011 for Greece to achieve its targets and that the euro zone must find a more comprehensive solution to the debt crisis. The EU's Olli Rehn has revealed that a new round of stress tests will begin in February next year, and they are already under discussion, a liquidity...


Risk Aversion (Still) Positive for USD

As one strategist recently put it, we seem to be witnessing Deja Vu in the forex markets. The US Dollar in general, and the USD/EUR currency pair in particular, are behaving exactly the same as one year ago: “The greenback rose back then…on a combination of strong U.S. November jobs numbers…and the triple downgrades of Greece later in the month by Fitch, S&P; and Moodys.” This time around, a similar combination of US optimism and EU pessimism are once again buoying...


3 Ways Of Looking At Government Debt

by Jacob Goldstein It's getting very expensive for European countries to borrow money — not just Greece and Ireland, but, also Spain, Portugal, and Italy. The U.S., on the other hand, can still borrow money incredibly cheaply. Here are the figures from today: ...


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