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1 GBP = 1.197 EUR
12.521 ZAR - South African Rand
2.012 SGD - Singapore Dollar
1.455 CHF - Swiss Franc
1.515 AUD - Australian Dollar
1.551 USD - U.S. Dollar
12.048 HKD - Hong Kong Dollar
1.577 CAD - Canadian Dollar
1.539 USD - U.S. Dollar
11.963 HKD - Hong Kong Dollar

Canadian Dollar Gains on Optimism in the United States

Canadian dollar is higher against the


Jaho Jalal: Sikh Era Relics in Lahore Museum

The Sikhs, after the demise of the Mughal Empire in the united India, ruled almost the entire India from 1799 to 1849. It was forged, on the foundations of the Khalsa, under the leadership of Maharaja


Will Fitch Cut US Credit Rating'

When Standard & Poor’s cut its credit rating on the United States to AA-plus from AAA back in August, the agency was vilified and the decision called ?absurd' among other names. Now Fitch ratings also threatens its highest grade of American credit. This company already changed its outlook to negative from stable last month after the ?super committee' had failed to agree on $1.2 trillion in deficit-reduction measures. Today Fitch warned again that the United States’...


Speak Your Mind!!!: Rare US Bumblebee rediscovered

A rare species of bumblebee was rediscovered in Scotland after 50 years. And now, despite huge declines in North American bumblebee populations, the University of California, Riverside scientists have rediscovered the single most rarest bumblebee in the United States over 55 years since the last specimen was found. It is known as “Cockerell’s Bumblebee.? “Most bumblebees in the U.S. are known from dozens to thousands of specimens, but not this species,” said Douglas...


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